The Do-Zen Difference

The majority of psychometric tests used today are based on either the 1900's psychology of Carl Jung or the original research on trait analysis by Gordon Allport.

Do-Zen has been designed to integrate Jung's idea of Introversion-Extroversion with modern research on how people process information in three essential ways. Combining these models gives six core temperaments, or styles, which in turn creates twelve (a dozen) characters.

What We Do

The Do-Zen model provides a 21st century framework to understand self and others.

Twelve characters equals a dozen distinctive ways of communicating and being in the world.

Do-Zen is for the 21st century what the others were for the 1900s. It's a refreshing new way to look at yourself and others.

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Poor communication is rough, confused and frustrating.
Good communication is joyous, smooth and flowing.

Do-Zen is all about:

  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Character

The beauty of Do-Zen is its simplicity. You’ll get it, remember it, and use it.
People love Do-Zen because they can instantly understand clients, colleagues and family.


When you know your own preferred character, and when you understand the other eleven preferences, you are able to predict where you will personally connect. You will also see potential flashpoints.

The fundamental differentiator between Do-Zen and other systems is you quickly learn the skills to adapt and respond to all the characteristic communication styles in real time. Each of the twelve characters has recognizable patterns and tells.

The key to Do-Zen is immediate adaptation in real-time.


By picking up on the nuances you can immediately adapt and flex your own style to create connections with polar opposites. Because you are able to recognize your own Achilles heel (your weakest component) you can work on strengthening it so you can communicate with the people you would naturally shy away from or avoid completely.

Each character has a set of Dos and Don'ts, which we share with you.

  • If you want to connect to this particular style: "do this"
  • If you want to avoid potential conflict: "don't do this"


Do-Zen can be used wherever people come together, work together, solve problems together. It is most powerful when you are putting together a team or merging groups.

Your new ability to tune into other people's preferences allows:

  • Better: meetings, presentations, sales calls
  • Improved: team building, consultations, mediation
  • Focused: marketing, reports, management


Do-Zen is designed for anyone who is responsible for influencing people:

ExecutivesTeam LeadersLawyers
BoardsSupervisorsCoaches and Trainers
ManagersConsulting companiesParents
HR SpecialistsChange management specialists

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