Do-Zen creates clarity

Our Story

Always frustrated at the ‘standard’ instruments available Do-Zen has been developed over ten years to give an added dimension for profiling companies and individuals. That added dimension is three versus two.

Old School instruments operate by forcing you to make a decision between say Thinking and Feeling. We always went, “No. I do both. Surely there must be a way to accommodate both. We want all the pieces of the puzzle”. And indeed there is if you incorporate a triad known to the ancients as Pathos, Logos, and Ethos and which we know as Thinking, Feeling, and Instinct.

Integrating Jung’s Internal and External attitudes with the ancient triad gives us six traits or predispositions all of which are vital for a smooth well functioning team or organization. Extending this core model one more level we found that including the previously excluded piece of the puzzle gave us twelve unique characteristic communication styles.

Taking this idea another step brought us to a place where we needed to develop an algorithm which we could use to profile individuals, teams and companies or organizations.


Do-Zen is a tool you can use to design, optimize and create more effective teams.


With Do-Zen you can improve workplace relationships and communication. Breakdowns in these two areas are always cited as the top two reasons why people quit.


Use Do-Zen to manage change, performance and recruitment more effectively.


Do-Zen is the 'new standard' way of looking at how people in business interact and communicate.


With Do-Zen you can build the 'bigger picture' of your business and see where it flows and where the blockages occur between people and departments.


With Do-Zen you can fully understand the inter-connectivity of your business culture and the flow of information that runs through it.

There are many creative ways of applying Do-Zen.

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